Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Missing in Action + Peace from Strip

I know i have been missing. *pout*

Was on a holiday at Phuket from 23 -26th Oct for my birthday trip sponsored by my boyfriend AND WE ARE DOWN WITH FOOD POISONING on the day we are supposed to fly back. Boyfriend had to be hospitalised and we had to miss our flight. Manage to fly back the next day though. Once we touched down, we went to SGH A&E as i was vomiting, diarrhoea and feeling cold.  Bf was admitted as he had bloodied stool and i was given 1 day MC. I will go into details on the dramatic visit to Phuket's hospital and our trip in the next post as it is late.

Now i want to introduce an ampoule called Peace+ from strip: the ministry of waxing and you are supposed to use it as a post-wax treatment.

I started doing Brazilian waxing in Aug 2013 and it feels good to be temporary hairless especially when you are having your menstruation. One word to describe it: HYGIENE. I used to shave them and realised that it become so thick and bushy so i stopped shaving since 1 year ago.

I have low tolerance for pain and i remembered how my sister described her virgin waxing experience to me. " My tears flew out!!!"  Totally no courage to step into strip.

Out of the blue moon, i decided to give brazilian waxing a try and pulled my boyfriend along. you know it is kinda like moral support but in another room. The truth, it is painful BUT it goes away in 5 seconds. Nothing to worry as Strip's girl are really good and it will be done within 15 min. Tips? Breathe in before they pull the wax.

On my second appointment, they recommended me to buy the Peace+ ampoule which will slow down the growth of the hair and makes the hair fine and soft. Since it is just $10, why not give it a try right? You can also buy a box of 10 for $70 and it will be recorded in their system which means you can use the ampoule at any outlet.

I did my Brazilian waxing on 22 Oct and only today, i noticed some fine and very soft hair growing out. I'm so tempted to take a photo but cannot right, i don't want my site to be R-rated.

Anyway, none of my post are sponsored so i'm reviewing the product based on my own experience.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Kérastase Densifique Review

I have been facing hairloss/ hair thinning since i was in Uni. I was so scared that i will become BALD. I visited Singapore skin clinic and was prescribed with Growell minoxidil (not sure if it is 5% or 10%). Stopped using it before i could finish the bottle as it makes my hair look greasy, scalp itches like crazy and lots of dandruff. Super depressing.

After that i went on to try Shiseido Fuente - Medicated Vita Voltage BL. I like its minty feel but it doesn't seems to work for me as my scalp tend to develop pimples after using it.

As i'm pretty desperate, i googled and found lots of good review on how castor oil treatment promotes hair growth. As castor oil is very thick, you have to mix it with other oil to increase its fluidity for easy application and wash-off. Basically, I mixed the castor oil with almond oil and rosemary essential oil. Every 2 weeks, i applied it onto my scalp and wash them off after 1 hours or leave it overnight and wash off in the morning.
  • Pros: all ingredients are natural. (so it should work?)
  • Cons: It is very oily and it takes around 2-3 wash remove the oil from your hair.
Since google is my best friend, i came across Tricia Ong's blog where she mentioned about hair loss and her review on L'oreal Sulfate-free shampoo. All thanks to her, i started using the  L'oreal Sulfate-free shampoo everstrong shampoo and i love it so much. Why? the amount of hair i drop per day decreased to 10-20 strands from 40-60 strands per day. Furthermore, the shampoo has a pleasant fragrance as it contains botanic ingredient such as rosemary juniper. (you can find out more on the shampoo from Tricia's blog)

Thereafter, i also consulted her on her prevention of hairloss where she recommended me to use Growell and Kérastase Densifique. Bad news, Singapore do not carry Kérastase Densifique but fret not! I manage to purchase it through Look Fantastic and it offers free delivery worldwide!!!!

I bought Densifique (30x 6ml) at around SGD160 and it arrived in SG within 1 week. super fast delivery from belgium! When i opened the box, it has a nice perfume smell but not too overpowering.

*sorry that photo was taken when i'm on the third bottle.

What exactly is Kérastase Densifique?
As stem cells is a key role in the hair renewal process, Densifique help maintain the density of our hair by optimising the stem cell environment.It penetrates into the hair follicles to'awaken' them and spurs new hair follicle growth while strengthening the existing hair.In addition, the hair fibre will feel nourished as it contains a combination of B3, B5 and B6 vitamins.

1) The body of the hair fibre looks boosted
2) Day after day, hair feels texturised
3) After 3 month, hair density is visibly improved *
*For daily application for 3 months, tested on 101 subjects.

Preliminary review from me
  • 6ml is more than enough for my whole scalp and i really love the smell. 
  • Most importantly, it make my hair feel soft and "volumed" throughout the whole day. YES, whole day. Usually my hair will feel oily and look flat by the end of the day.
  • The soft and pointed plastic comb applicator allow easy application as i can control the amount of serum by pressing the dome of the applicator.
  • Currently, no sign of pimples on my scalp.
  • This is a leave-in scalp treatment which can be applied to dry/wet hair. Very convenient because i do not have to purposely dry my hair to apply it. Save time and trouble.
How to apply it onto your scalp?
  1. Press the dome of the applicator to apply the treatment to the scalp.
  2. Massage the scalp with fingertip (no fingernails!!) to distribute the treatment and spread along the length of hair.
I'm very satisfied with the serum and i will do another review when i finish all 30 vials.

Sunday, 20 October 2013


The last time i ever blogged was 5-6 years ago when i was still in poly. 
In a snap of finger, i have entered the working society for close to 3 years. Although i'm on my second job, i don't intend to stay here for long. Reason? No Job Satisfaction.

Do you look forward to go to work everyday? or Do you drag yourself to work?
I believe this question did surface on your mind especially when.... 

Many of us work for the sake of working to bring back the salary to pay our bills, loans and expenses. Every month, the only day that we look forward is PAY day. How ironic.

My advise:  if you do not like what you do, QUIT.
If the job doesn't suit you or vice versa, why force it? In the end, you will be the one suffering from it. You will be unhappy,grumpy, non-stop bragging about your work, argument with bosses etc.

I think the best solution is to start your own business, be your own boss.
Nowadays, many young entrepreneur are opening blogshops, venturing into internet marketing and trading of stock. If they can do it, so can we. :)