Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Review on Fresh - Soy Face Cleanser

It is rare that i can blog on a weekday morning! All because i'm clearing my leave after my resignation. YES, i have decided to leave MPA and venture into private sector again. I'm still quite young and stability isn't that importance at the moment as compared to something i love doing. Life is horrible when you drag yourself to work everyday, isn't it? thats's why i decided i MUST leave. YAY~~~

That aside, the main purpose of this post is about Fresh's Soy Face Cleanser that i have invested on. why i use " invested on" because it isn't cheap for a facial cleanser as compared to those you can find at Watson. After reading reviews online etc, i have decided that i should give it a try since my face is in a bad state.

A little about Fresh:
Fresh was founded  in 1999 when they opened an apothecary store in Boston. Today, their products are sold around the world and since 2000, Fresh has been partners with the world’s leading luxury goods company LVMH.
Fresh has its own line of lifestyle and beauty products ranging from skincare and makeup, to fragrance and haircare. The brand has incorporated natural ingredients such as brown sugar, rose, Umbrian clay and soy with traditional beauty rituals to give users a sensorial experience that is also effective and indulgent.
Fresh Soy Face Cleanser (150ml) cost around $60 at Sephora in Singapore. They do have a smaller tube but bigger bottle is more value for money.
The Fresh Soy Face Cleanser, is a gentle cleanser for all skin types. It was the first product in the beauty market to ever utilize soy in skincare. Formulated with soy amino acids, it helps promote moisture retention so your skin doesn’t feel tight and dry after use. In fact, it feels baby-soft! i can't stop feeling my cheeks after washing. quite addictive. Soy is also rich in anti-oxidants that are said to help protect and balance the skin. Plus, this cleanser removes makeup while purifying and toning at the same time.

Soy Face Cleanser has a gel-like texture and it glades smoothly on your skin. If you are using a Clarisonic mia / device, i will also recommend you to use this cleanser as it doesn't foam/ isnt that watery such that it goes into your eyes. I have also tried to use this cleanser without removing my makeup and it really does remove makeup and even waterproof mascara. isn't it amazing for lazy night when you are so tired after partying and you just wanna quickly wash up and sleep?
Before i end this post, i would like to also update on my skin after using DRX product close to a month. i have 1 new pimple (the biggest mark on the left) and i went to "you-know-what" it. my boyfriend gonna kill me if he reads this. Anyway, the swollen pimples on right side has subsided as well as faded.

Anyone care to recommend remedy for dark eyes circles? other than laser cos it is v expensive :(