Saturday, 25 January 2014

Quarter life crisis

Hello dust/air

I have abandon here for a long time cos im busy and lazy. Things have been happening and im pretty troubled and stuck in between. Sometime i felt like im suffocated and i just wished i could disappear or die.

I doesnt like my job. Have been bitching about my work ever since i joined. I just need to be patience and wait for few more month but apparently some arsehole are making the few months difficult.

Family and money issue. Can't take it when my bro and sis in law are so irresponsible. They throw their kids to my mom and enjoy themselves after work. My mom isnt ur maid. She is 50 this yr and she also need to rest. Take care of 1 4years old and 1 baby is nt easy. If you dont wanna be responsible, you shld have aborted them and enjoy yourself. Have only when you are ready.
My brother has a bad habit. He expect ppl to pay for his stuff and take no initiative to return even when i ask him to return the money several times. I also have bad times. I have to give mom allowance without fail if not she will nag and nag. School loan? Insurance? My stupid facial package from new york skin solution?

Recently i just started a online accessories store and i put in quite a sum of money for the stocks etc. so its even tougher  now.

I have 2 moles on my shoulder and when i was younger, my mom said i hve a burden to support my family etc like my husband. Apparently, i think it means i have to support my own family (parents etc) because i cant see how my sis can help nor my brother. Both are selfish fuck.

Life is so stressful. Probably why im losing so much hair and being so tired everytime. Its taking a tow on me and slowly eating part of me.

This is fate. 我任命了。

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