Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Review on Drx Clinic (Updated)

I'm back to blog about DRX Clinic and its medicine and cream to cure your face from scars, acne, blemish etc. If you have notice, my complexion is very bad without make up. Yes, very bad. I suffered from monthly outbreaks, clogged pores, dark eyes circles and some wrinkles (i believe it developed) around my eyes and forehead.

After contemplating for few months , probably 6 months, i have decided that i NEED to try Drx after reading so many reviews done by bloggers. Sometime we are skeptical to what bloggers raves about because after all it is a sponsored post.

So here is my honest review after my trip to Drx clinic on 14th Jun 2014.

The photo on the right is taken before i visit Drx and on the left is 1 week after using their products. I have very itchy hand which loves to squeeze the white heads. if it isn't squeeze out properly, it will develope into pimples or even leaving scar. I also have a lump on the top left of my forehead, it was a pimple but i didnt tried to squeeze but nothing came out. End up, it became a lump. Now, the lump is gone and i believe the Drx products works well for me.
I think most customer will be prescribed with these usual products. Cleanser, Toner, Comodone formula, Blemish cream, Max C, X Cream(R), Strong Lightening Cream (R), Biotine and Sun Block. Products with (R) need to be kept in the fridge.

Although this is the first time i apply so many product on my face but it is quite easy and i didn't refer to the guide they gave me on the 2nd day. Total i spent $444 (excluding GST) i didn't take the cleanser as I'm using the cleanser from Fresh and i love how it keep my face smooth and clean after cleansing. Quite expensive though. $60+ per tube. They are fine if u wish to opt out from certain product which i like.

Okay, let me describe what happen at Drx Clinic. Everything was done within 30 min minus away 15min waiting time. I booked an appointment online so on that day i approached the counter and was told to take a seat. Soon it was my turn to go into Dr Yanni's room, i sat down and she examine my face for 5min? and told me small issue and it can be saved. no need to go for laser to remove the scar as long as it is not urgent. Don't squeeze, don't scrub and don't massage my face for the moment. If there is big pimples, come back and she will give it an injection. O.O  Then i was directed to another room by the assistant to take photo of my face. oh yah, blogger will describe about the make up corner etc. I didn't get to see it or introduce to it and i was wearing my make up when Dr yanni examine my face. but no big huha as it is not important as long as my face heals right? :) After the photo taking, i was brought to another room to be taught how to use the products. e.g. when to apply (day or night or both), how much to apply and on where.

After 1 week from the visit, Drx clinic assistant will call you to check on your skin if there is any allergic etc. Quite please with the service and i think it is important to follow up.

I want to share that prior to Drx clinic, i am a victim to New York Skin Solution. They love to hard sell and i spent $10k within a year on ├Ęthe packages. They will tell you there is promotion package and you should buy etc. Even though you should have a fixed consultant but most of the time some other consultant will do the facial for me. sometime they are so rough and after extraction i have lots of scarring which takes 3-4 weeks to heal. All in all, i think NYSS only manage to make my face more radiant but it didn't solve my outbreaks and large pores. Up till now, i have 8 more sessions to go but i'm afraid to go. Afraid they hard sell again. One more point, my consultant had left NYSS in Mar and since then i did not receive a single call from them to book my appointment for my next facial. They are suppose to assign a new consultant for me but no news nor follow up. so disappointing. If you are thinking to go and you can't reject people. i'll advise u not to go.

I'll update again on the process of my face after 1 month :)

Update on 6 july. Pimple scars are fading and blackheads on my nose can be easily removed! K i was told not to squeeze but my hand just cant help it. :( 

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