Sunday, 17 August 2014

Hatter Street Cafe at Kovan

Been eons since i did a post. I have just change a new job, something totally different from what i did previously. A lot to learn and digest. Thus, i have been doing OT but hope it gets better soon :)

Okay, shall not digress and head straight to review my visit to Hatter Street cafe. This is the first time i'm doing a food post but i have been cafe hopping too. Thought i should start sharing my experience and not let it go to waste.

From the name of the cafe you should know it's theme is alice in wonderland. e.g. Hatter, Alice, white rabbit etc.
If you notice, there is a cute little door below the cashier as well.
As for the food, i find that the variety are very few. There are 2-3 types of waffles, cakes and tarts. If you love crispy waffles then you must try their waffles.
I like the drinks we ordered. i had the Blueberry white tea which they imported from arizonia (i assumed) and it taste unique and good! Bf had the green tea latte.

All in all, i think Hatter cafe has very limited seatings which is very important for a cafe unless their food is really thumbs up. For me, i dont think i will visit hatter again not that i don't like the food just that it isn't that special that we will visit it again.

Update on my complexion after 2 months of using DRX products.


  1. Hello :) is the left side of drx the after picture? is there really a very drastic difference? im like u with a lot of scars on my skin.

  2. The left side is the after picture. Their products works for me and it prevetn further out break. U can also opt out some of the product they recommended