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Eumora Moor Bar - Review

Hellooo peeps!

Recently, i have added a Moor Bar called Eumora into my daily facial regime as it Clarify, Tones and Moisturize my face and i'm here to share with you why! eggcited much :D
P.S. I didn't wear any make up so I hope i didn't scare you off with my dark eyes circle.

First, let me tell you a little more about its KEY ingredient.

This Moor Bar contains HmA (Hydration micro-algae) Factor which helps to rejuvenate and moisturize the skin cell. Hydration micro-algae factor is formulated from a world-reowned pharmaceutical patent by European company, derived from micro-algae cultivated in the Hawaiian fresh water lakes. It includes a component that is similar to the structure of hydrogenate 3D mesh structure, which aids in moisture absorption.

 "Algae have been been know as a rich natural source of anti-oxidants,vitamins, minerals and amino acids which provide essential nutrition to the skin cell to enhance skin recovery and regeneration."

What can Eumora do for you? 

Majority of us stay in air-conditional office/ house for long hours which results in dry and oily skin and are exposed to pollutants (haze!). Other than drinking sufficient water to hydrate our skin, now you can enjoy lasting hydration and benefit from the detoxifying effects by using this Eumora Facial bar. Probably you are like me, sometime i'm so busy with work and i forgot about drinking sufficient water. However, i will never forget to wash your face daily because i want to look good and I don't deny I'm quite a vainpot.

Instant result in Just 3 Minutes, 4 steps!

  1. Wet your hands with water (Do not rinse Eumora Bar with water!)
  2. Create a thick lather by rubbing the bar with your wet hands
  3. Apply gently on skin and leave on for 3-5 minutes
  4. Rinse off and dry your face
  5. (I added in another optional step) Feel the smoothness of your fingers.

I have combination skin (dry & oily) and after using Eumora, my face is less oily and stay matte till late night. Other than this, i can feel my pores has tighten too. Initially, when i first tried the facial bar, my face feels tight and wanted to stop using it. However, it gets better after 2-3 weeks.

If you think 3-5 minutes is too long and you don't want to wait, do it like me. Normally, i will wash my face, leave it on then move on to wash my body. After that rinse it all off! In this way, 3-5 minutes will just pass unknowingly. No more excuse to beautiful skin! On a side note, i stop going for facial and my skin is great other than minor outbreak due to monthly hormones rage.

What i really love about Eumora is they provide Free Trial Bar before you even decide to buy the actual box of 4 bars (retailing at $199). How rare is this?

 So if you are interested in trying out or even purchasing the box of eurmora, now you can get them online at www.geteumora-trial.com or email me at clairetly88@gmail.com for enquiry.

Here's the Eumora Trial Bar and packaging. The packaging tell us that the company  (SAB) values its product's and brand even when it is just a Free Trial Facial bar.

Other than using their Eumora Facial Bar, i'm also using their Eumora Spa (for Hair) and Eumora Mgt (for Body). Each bar is 25g and there are 4 bars per box.

Eumora™ - The Moor Bar with HmA
Other cosmetic and skin care products work on suppression and treating symptoms. Eumora™ works on healing the skin from the inside out - taking out toxins and pollutants and replacing the toxins with nature's finest natural ingredients.

Signing off with a Selfie!

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